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Supported Custodians & Integrations

Works within your existing process

TradeWarrior fully supports most major custodians, it also supports tight integrations with portfolio management software as well as service and analytics partners.

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Allocation & Rebalancing

Simple to Complex Asset Allocation Strategies

TradeWarrior takes the complexity out of creating and managing allocation models, regardless of their size or scope. Algorithms monitor your households and accounts with precision, provide real time alerts and streamline your trading process.

Simple User Interface Design

Cutting edge, User-Centered Design

Say goodbye to clunky, bloated and confusing rebalancing software. We’ve spent thousands of hours painstakingly cutting bloat, iterating processes, refining flow and talking with real users to create software that focuses on usability first. Our modern design follows current and proven UI/UX paradigms including large format easy to read text, snappy responsiveness, and an open layout that is proven to ease eye strain and confusion.
Powerful Transaction & Trading Tools

FIX & Order Management

TradeWarrior provides industry leading direct FIX connectivity and smart order management tools that support all types of securities and trading instruments. Execute trades with unprecedented efficiency and accuracy across multiple custodians and brokers. Streamline processes, block trade, trade order sets, trade using algorithms, simplify compliance, and automate your trading process.

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Custom Branding

Can be completely white-labeled

Many of our institutional clients want a completely white-labeled rebalancing solution. TradeWarrior software can be completely customized with your branding and settings providing a seamless experience for your team.


  • Previously we traded on the account level which took an enormous amount of time. We transitioned our book to models and now trading is a breeze. We can quickly place trades across our entire book with a few simple clicks. It has streamlined our trading and allowed us to give our client accounts the attention they deserve.- Larry Boxterman, Insight Financial Services

  • I am amazed at how much time I save by using TradeWarrior. Looking back now I am not sure how I got anything done without it. A process that used to take me 2 to 3 hours to complete is now done in less than 15 minutes. The process is not only done in less time it is much less prone to error. - Sean Phillips, Chessman Wealth Strategies

  • TradeWarrior has not only saved us a lot of time, but overall has reduced our trading errors and saved our clients’ money on trading fees and taxes. It’s one of the best software investments we’ve made. - Mike Blake, First Western Advisors

  • Buying TradeWarrior was the best business decision I made all year. Investing in rebalancing software has had a huge ROI, and it will only get bigger as our firm grows. Given the features, the cost, the support, and the quality of the TradeWarrior team, there is literally no doubt in my mind that I chose the right rebalancing package. - Rich Toscano, Pacific Capital Associates/Crawford Capital Management

Exciting Changes Coming to TradeWarrior

This summer TradeWarrior will be rebranded Oranj and fully integrated into the Oranj platform! At Oranj, we are excited to continue the TradeWarrior legacy and take rebalancing to new heights.

Thank you to the hundreds of advisers who have helped shape TradeWarrior into world-class rebalancing software.

We invite you to explore what we’ve been working on and learn more about how Oranj is serving the rebalancing needs of advisers everywhere!